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If you are interested in a procedure, we can help.  We do a large number of tummy tucks.  This allows us to make the entire process smooth, and the outcomes as predictable as variations in would healing will allow.  We are familiar with people's concerns before and after the procedure, and we take steps to assuage them right from the start.  We encourage you to come to your consultation armed with as many concerns and questions you can think of, so we can start talking with them and meeting them head on -- right from the start.  This sort of aggressive action to meet your needs is the way we do  our signature procedure -- tummy tuck.

And this sort of specialized service is especially important for tummy tuck procedures, which provide large changes in appearance and self-image.  It is essential that you go to an experienced surgeon, who also has a well trained and expert team, to take care of you.  Tummy tucks should be a main focus of the personnel taking care of you.  You are getting this surgery for the first time, so the people on the team taking care of you should be as experienced as possible!  Ask your doctor how often he does the procedure, and look at the before and after pictures of past patients.  These things will help you decide on your surgeon.

During the procedure, your muscles are tightened.  Your excess skin is removed from your abdomen.  Excess fat in the lower abdomen is similarly taken away.  If you have stretch marks on the midsection, the procedure will remove some or all of them.  The tradeoff is a new scar, but this is placed low on your front.  It is located where a c-section scar would be, though it is longer than that.  We do all we can during and after the surgery to try to minimize the appearance of the scar.  Your incision will heal for more than a year and there are steps that in some cases may be taken throughout that period to help improve scar appearance.

One thing to be aware of, right from the start, is that you need to walk following this surgery.  You need to walk whether you are at home, or in a skilled nursing recovery center.  This helps to keep the blood flowing, and increases your overall safety.  We take steps to keep the blood circulating in your legs during the surgery but once it is does it is essential that you walk and not only stay in bed.  Many people feel they are safest if they do not move at all following surgery.  This is not true and patients do need to walk following this, or any surgery for that matter.  It is also important to take fluids by mouth, drinking plenty of water.  And, of course, it is essential to have a positive mental attitude throughout the process.  This as much as anything helps to get a great result and to enjoy all the steps that get you there.

Our plastic surgery center is pleased to offer all procedures.  As noted, sometimes these can be done along with you tummy tuck.  Listed here are some of the procedures we can provide for you, in a fully customized fashion:

Please call us to set up a consultation with our specialist. We are happy to answer all of your questions so you can get started in deciding which if any procedures are right for you.  When you come in to meet us, we will examine you, discuss your hopes for the procedure, and review your medical history.  Bring a list of your medicines with you, if you take any.  We look forward to meeting you and helping you get the body you deserve!

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